Who We Are
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ÉTOFFE is the result of a long journey through design, fabrics and retail business.

In 1935, Diakosmitikon was founded by the Levis family in Athens and has since been one of the largest Greek companies in the area of upholstery fabrics, curtains and interior decoration.

In 1978, Diakosmitikon was renamed to Setoff­el Diakosmitikon. The first showroom was opened in Athens.

In 1992, Setoffel Diakosmitikon opened its second showroom in Chalandri.

In 2000, The Athens and Chalandri showrooms merged into one.

2014, The idea of Setoffel, now renamed to Étoff­e, continues the Levis’s family tradition in a new showroom, offering quality services with the best fabrics from around the world, to its loyal customers!



ÉTOFFE, is a team of fabric enthusiasts, continuing a long tradition of dressing up the most beautiful spaces and supplying the best interior decoration stores and designers of Greece with the finest fabrics!

The brands ÉTOFFE represents exclusively for Greece, are hand picked, with the criteria of quality & design in combination with the immaculate service and support, that is offered directly to the end customer.

Our services support both the retail customer and the interior designer as well, providing all necessary tools, for creating a stylish space as a result of  the best materials in successful combinations.

Having participated in projects both in Greece as well as overseas, ranging from hotels to super-yachts and decorative styles from minimal to classical and from modern to eco-friendly our experience and expertise, guarantees satisfying results!


Continuing a tradition of providing fabrics to create the most beautiful interiors, Étoff­e’s team of architects and interior designers will assist you, in transforming your idea into reality, making the overall process an easy and pleasant experience!


Our team is here to support from the simplest design, to the most complicated combination of materials, systems and fabrication details, that cover all necessary specifications and requirements. Our target is to integrate our knowledge of fabrics and technical details into your design and assist you in choosing fabrics for a successful and beautiful result.

Our mission though does not end here!

We will be supporting all of our products, as we are the exclusive distributors of all the brands we represent for the Greek market! As we are aware that our success can only be spread out by you, we do respect this and offer products and services second to none!